The Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International (hereinafter the Dawah Centre) was incorporated in 1994 as a not-for-profit charitable organisation with the primary purpose of dawah (invitation to Allah). More specifically, the purpose is to deliver the message of Allah to English-speaking non-Muslims internationally. At the onset of our mission it was deemed necessary to have a meeting place for those who would deliver the message. In such a meeting place the du`aat (inviters) would receive training on how to deliver the message. This was also the place where recipients of the message would come for more information and to study in our library.


It is our vision that we would

• develop methods for delivering the message,

• produce materials to be used for delivering the message, and

• train persons to deliver the message internationally.


It is also within our vision to have centres in various continents and many countries. In each centre we would conduct activities similar to those of our base in Toronto: the training of du`aat, the distribution of our materials; and the welcoming of non-Muslims and new Muslims.





METHODS of Dawah


So far, the methods of delivering the message have included the following:


• TV programs

• radio programs

• public lectures

• open houses

• public debates on questions concerning religion

• interfaith dialogues

• distribution of literature on the streets and door-to-door

• websites and Facebook.





TRAINING for Dawah


Those who deliver the message need to be trained for their level of involvement. It is therefore essential for us to hold classes to train du`aat. Weekend and evening classes will train the casual da`iyah (inviter) and a full-time institute will train those who may take up the work of invitation as a profession.







So far we have produced some written materials which serve as tools for dawah. These include fourteen leaflets in the One Minute Message series, and several booklets, for example:


• Common Questions People Ask About Islam

• Questions to Ask Visiting Jehovah’s Witnesses

• Science in the Quran

• Is Jesus God? The Bible Says No.

• 101 Contradictions in the Bible


These writings have been requested from us across the globe, and we have supplied the same. Often a da`iyah delivering the message in a variety of cities, and in diverse circumstances, including prison visits, would request copies and we supply them. Students holding outreach tables at their university campuses also distribute these writings.



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