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The Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International (hereinafter the Dawah Centre) was incorporated in 1994 as a not-for-profit charitable organisation with the primary purpose of dawah (invitation to Allah). More specifically, the purpose is to deliver the message of Allah to English-speaking non-Muslims internationally.

Current Salah time


Fajr: 6:30am  -  Zuhur: 1:00pm  -  Asr: 3:30

Maghrib: Sunset  -  Isha: 07:15pm


Jumu'ah Khutba: 1:00pm

Jumu'ah Prayer: 1:30pm

TV Program - Let The Quran Speak


Let the Quran Speak is a weekly show that promotes understanding and appreciation of Islam and Muslims.



We hold lectures from time to time on various topics related to Islam and other faiths. Some of our recent lectures many be viewed here: www.globalmuslimsforum.ca.





We hold interfaith dialogues here, usually on the last Saturday of each month. Some of our past dialogues may be viewed here: www.globalmuslimsforum.ca.


Daily Prayers


We hold the five daily prayers at the prescribed times.



We hold classes for children on Sundays and, in the summer, during the weekdays teaching them the basics of the faith.


Friday Prayers


We hold the weekly Friday Prayers as prescribed in Quran 62:9


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