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The Bible or the Quran: Which is the Word of God? Here is Shabir's evaluation of the debate done at the North York Chinese Baptist Church on September 27, 2014.

A look at some of the mathematical patterns in the Quran that are based on the number 19 or multiples of 19

An examination of some mathematical patterns in the Quran which point to the Quran's divine origin.

A. If that were true it would not detract from the veracity of the prophet. Muslims admit that he was a human being. It is not unnatural for a man to fall in love. ...

Shabir's blog

Nabeel is a former Ahmadi, now a Christian. We debated on April 8, 2015 at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Q2. How do you know that god exists? When asking religious people if they think God exists, they usually answer with “I know God exists.” How so?

A Message from a Muslim Canadian

Q1. On the Existence of God, Soul, and Heaven

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